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Remote Healthcare Middle East 2017

Key Topics

Some highlights of the Remote Healthcare Middle East Agenda

Day 1 - Morning

Remote Healthcare regional trends and developments:

- Keynote: Providing a regional and national overview on innovations and developments in the field of emergency medicine focused on pre-hospital and remote healthcare including: trauma, disaster medicine and toxicology. 

Preventative measures and strategies in remote health:

- Panel Discussion: Remote patient monitoring – Considering how hospitals can reduce costs and improve healthcare services through empowering patients and integrating the use of mobile devices to prevent, assess and monitor health.

Day 1 - Afternoon

Innovations, industry advancements and next generation technologies:

- Exploring the effectiveness, shortcomings and value of effective self-care plans and technologies in order to manage, prevent and reduce the onset of non-communicable disease.

Cross sector industry briefings:

- Panel discussion: Debating the future of Remote Healthcare in Oil and Gas.

Day 2 - Morning 

Training - The future of remote healthcare:

- Battlefield Medical Simulation - is it Myth or Truth?

Safety and security in remote communities: 

- Exploring the possibility of GIS mapping and tracking tools to improve healthcare access and reduce response times in urban and remote environments

Day 2 - Afternoon

Reviewing advancements in infectious disease

Designing an effective plan from set up to disinfection to ensure best practice infectious disease management within remote site environments

Cross sector industry briefings

- Panel discussion: Exploring the unique challenges facing remote healthcare in the construction and industrial projects from regulatory issues, costs and continuity of care  

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